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Immigration: Immigration

Starting point for research on immigration law, policy, and similar issues

The Immigration Crisis

Flag from Ellis Island

In recent years, both in Nebraska and in the nation as a whole, questions around immigration have become increasingly significant. The status of undocumented immigrants, aspiring citizens, and refugees has been the topic of many debates, and a defining political issue. Millions of immigrants—documented and otherwise—reside in the United States, and this has significant implications on topics ranging from education to healthcare and beyond.

Our state is especially impacted by immigration. According to the Migration Policy Institute, Nebraska had one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in America from 1990–2010. Legislation in Nebraska—both at the local and state levels—has been a significant part of the national discussion on immigration.

This guide is intended as a starting point for research into this complicated and crucial subject.

Photo: Section of Ellis Island by flickr user Ludovic Bertron

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