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CultureGrams - Reference Guide

A guide to using CultureGrams, an online database of cultural information on countries across the globe.

Classroom Tips

Do you often wonder how our culture may influence the world we live in today? CultureGrams can help answer this question and others.

Through the use of CultureGrams students can learn about land, climate, government, economy, health, education, customs, courtesies or lifestyles.


CultureGrams screen capture of Republic of Iraq

CultureGrams also provides some additional tools whereby students can learn about common foods (recipes), world time, distance calculator and currency converter based on the search.

More Features


Teaching Resources

Country Data

Capital Baghdad
Current Time 9:26 PM
Latitude 33.21
Longitude 44.25
Population 40,194,216 (rank=36)
Area (sq. mi.) 169,235 (rank=58)
Area (sq. km.) 438,317
Human Development Index 120 of 189 countries
Gender Inequality Index 131 of 162 countries
GDP (PPP) per capita $16,700
Adult Literacy 56% (male); 44% (female)
Infant Mortality 38 per 1,000 births
Life Expectancy 68 (male); 72 (female)
Currency Iraqi Dinar

Next time you are discussing a current event in the world consider CultureGrams to learn more and deepen your discussions.