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This guide provides reliable resources containing information on obesity, childhood obesity, and the health risks associated with obesity.


 CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Genomics and Health

The Endocrine Society

This site serves as the one-stop clearinghouse for the general public seeking information on the key scientific trends and advancements that may one day lead to a slimmer, fitter America.

 Mayo Clinic

Complications of Obesity

National Institutes of Health

Information about obesity and related topics: body weight, obesity in children, weight control, weight loss surgery, food and nutrition and metabolic problems.

Obesity Society

Research. Education. Action.

The State of Obesity

National School Breakfast and Lunch Program: 70th Anniversary

 World Health Organization

General information on obesity and childhood obesity, including global strategy on diet, physical activity and health.

Eat Right

Academy of Nutritionist and Dietetics