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This guide provides reliable resources containing information on obesity, childhood obesity, and the health risks associated with obesity.

Films on Demand Service

There are a number of videos available on this subject, both on the internet and through our available databases. This page features some useful examples. For more, we recommend accessing the Films on Demand database.


As a species we’ve been getting larger over the past 50 years and obesity is at epidemic proportions in some Western societies. So why are we doing so much damage to ourselves, our health services and our planet? Is it mainly due to nurture, the environment? Or is it more to do with nature, our biology? In Rethinking Obesity, featuring contributions from two of the leading figures in this debate, Dr. Clare Llewellyn of University College London and Dr. Giles Yeo of Cambridge University, we examine the evidence for and against these views and suggest a third explanation - the relationship between our genes and the environment in which we live.

We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Over 60% of adults in the UK are currently classed as overweight or obese, and this figure is set to rise. Is it really as simple as eating less and exercising more? Cambridge geneticist Dr Giles Yeo meets some of Britain’s largest people to find out. From rare genetic mutations to the prevalence of energy-dense foods, our experiences in the womb to our early childhood, Giles uncovers the factors that could play a part in weight gain.




Losing weight is never easy; it takes patience, time, and a lot of effort. With 40% of the global population overweight, is there a solution to this weighty issue?