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This introductory guide provides information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning communities.

Films on Demand Service

There are a number of videos available on this subject, both on the internet and through our available databases. This page features some useful examples. For more, we recommend accessing the Films on Demand database.


This film presents the premiere of the stage adaption of the award winning film, The Play Within, an emotional and issue-focused fictional drama based on the lives of two real people—Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi—and their tragic, untimely deaths. After the play, an audience talkback allows for an exploration of this experience. This is followed by a wide-ranging discussion by psychiatrists, social service providers, clergy, and others who illuminate the history, evolution, and current circumstances that face the LGBTQ community.

Gender and sexuality can be fluid, and today transgender issues are altering the nature of day-to-day interactions. What do you do when your seven-year-old son announces that he wants to be a girl? Or your husband of 30 years announces that he wants to be a woman? Broadcasting legend Katie Couric (former co-host of NBC’s Today, CBS Evening News anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent) takes us on a unique journey to discover the dynamics and complexities of gender in our world. To better understand this complicated social and scientific issue, Couric crisscrossed the U.S. to talk with scientists, psychologists, surgeons, activists, authors and families to learn more about the role of genetics, brain chemistry and modern culture on gender fluidity. She also speaks with a number of ordinary people who find their bodies and their lives on the front line of a rapidly changing world. Examining the role of politics and culture on gender and with conversations that range from the scientifically enlightening to the deeply personal, Couric’s unflinching search for truth sheds light on countless untold stories of struggle, understanding, ignorance, hurt and love.

Karen McCrocklin is on a mission to celebrate the gift of being gay. As a storyteller, writer and radio host, she is committed to changing the narrative to include the idea that LGBT people are here to elevate the collective consciousness and teach us about how we are more alike than we are different. Karen also believes that being born a lesbian is the best thing that could have ever happened to her.

A documentary journey inside the transgender experience as lived by a young boy and his parents.