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Artificial Intelligence

This guide provides information and resources for beginning research on artificial intelligence.

Films on Demand Service

There are a number of videos available on this subject, both on the internet and through our available databases. This page features some useful examples. For more, we recommend accessing the Films on Demand database.


Refrigerators, telephones, and computers contain some form of artificial intelligence, but not all AI is created equal. In this video, explore the two forms of artificial intelligence— narrow AI and general AI.

Will artificial intelligence take over the planet? In this video, explore how AI developed out of board games functions in reality.

A new industrial revolution is under way. Super-intelligent, docile and never tired, robot workers are carrying out ever more complex tasks. In Saudi Arabia, some have reached such a stage of evolution that they have even acquired the status of citizen! But workers are struggling to find their place in this new world and even the creators themselves suspect that robots are destroying more jobs than they create. What will be their impact on the labor market? Is society prepared for such upheavals?

AI technology is being used in Healthcare to make it more efficient. IBM's Watson is assisting doctors to help detect diseases through its connection to big data.